This Alabama Power financial analyst is an unsung hero in her community

The balance between problem-solving and tax-responsible actions helps ensure customers have the best experience. Alabama Power financial analyst JaKeta Williams has pledged to make it happen.

“Above all, I’m grateful to be able to work with an incredible team,” Williams said. “Our ability to work together has strengthened our work product and our relationships. We share a common goal of creating value that positively impacts our customers.

JaKeta Williams is an Alabama Power Unsung Hero from the Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

Williams is part of the financial management and strategy team in Alabama Power’s treasury department, which is responsible for the company’s long-term financing and capital structure. Williams’ team analyzes financial markets to determine the amount, duration and timing of debt issuances. Timely issuance and strong credit ratings translate into significant interest savings for Alabama Power customers. The team also oversees investments of more than $1.7 billion in funds for nuclear decommissioning trusts, the Alabama Power Foundation, the Alabama Business Charitable Trust, and the Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association, which provides medical benefits. and life insurance after retirement.

Beyond her role, Williams is fully involved in the community. She served as chair of the 2020 and 2021 United Way of Central Alabama fundraising campaigns. It gave Williams the opportunity to observe the overwhelming needs of the community and see how pooling resources can help others.

“JaKeta is the ultimate example of ‘actions that speak louder than words.’ service-oriented Williams.” We were discussing plans for the weekend when she casually mentioned that she was running a half marathon. She was planning to have an adoptive baby for the first time, and she welcomed twins !

Williams is also a member of the Alabama Power Service Organization and treasurer of the Birmingham Salvation Army Junior Council, Echelon.

Over the years, Williams has volunteered with Junior Achievement, teaching high school students the importance of prioritizing personal finances and increasing financial literacy, and served on the Junior Council of the Autism Society of Alabama.

“JaKeta is always calm under pressure and constantly strives to help others in need; she voluntarily agreed to an additional year as President of United Way for the company and continued to fulfill all of her professional responsibilities,” Boone said.

In addition to her volunteer work, Williams’ handmaid’s heart has been opened on an even more personal level, as her family recently welcomed foster children into their home. With the increase in the already large number of adoptive children in the state, the need for adoptive parents has increased. She explains that every foster family story begins with a loss; it may be temporary, but the family loses the child and the child loses his family.

“It is not my job to judge the origin of the loss. I’m here to help feed the child and encourage the family,” Williams said. “Our goal is to serve families in times of need by providing a safe and loving environment for their child. I have found it a real blessing for our family to bring these children into our home.