Stunned friend mourns slain financial analyst Ike Kaja, 49

A Forest Hill resident was mysteriously shot on January 23 and died three days later

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As she mourns her friend – Ike Kaja, 49, shot outside his Forest Hill home on January 23 – Katia Millar occasionally listens to his voice in a phone message he left months ago.

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“I am heartbroken, completely heartbroken. And shocked. And devastated by this loss,” Millar said Thursday.

“He was a financial analyst. A super smart guy. I traveled the world, I lived in different places. Worldly, articulate, just a brilliant guy. “

Kaja, a financial analyst, was found by police outside his home near Avenue Rd. and Eglinton Ave. around 10:08 p.m. with life-threatening injuries.

He had been shot.

After being rushed to hospital, he died three days later, leaving behind a four-year-old son.

Investigators traveled the area several times as part of their investigation.

Millar said nothing in his past would suggest that this type of abuse would end his life.

“It wasn’t a gang shootout,” she said. “It was targeting. Obviously, I don’t know everything, but it was no accident,” she said.

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Kaja calls Toronto home, arriving from Maryland to do her MBA 15 years ago.

Millar said she tried to hold on to hope that he could somehow survive, “even though I knew that hope was very slim. A bullet in the head is not something that you’re just going to get out of.

The two longtime friends last saw each other in September.

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Millar said she heard from about 15 of her friends in the past week.

All are shocked.

“They don’t have anything bad to say about him except to say he was a bit of a neat freak,” Millar said.

All are eager to take a break from the case.

“There is a police investigation and there are a few theories floating around,” Millar said. “I look forward to any announcement.”

Friends who knew him are considering a GoFundMe campaign to help Kaja’s young son with a scholarship.

“He’s a boy who will never know his father, which is really heartbreaking,” Millar said.

Her sisters rushed to Toronto from Ireland and Maryland within hours of the shooting.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been revealed.

“He is not a guy who is involved in any criminal activity. It would lead to this. He’s a guy with integrity,” Millar said.

“It’s very shocking and he didn’t deserve to die like this.”