Poll: What’s the best way for investment professionals to consider environmental factors?

Earlier this week, in recognition of Earth Day, we asked CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief readers, “What is the best way for the investment profession to address environmental and related factors? »

Many people around the world celebrated Earth Day on Wednesday. What is the best way for the investment profession to address environmental and related factors?

Globally, these factors appear to be uncontroversial, but in the United States, environmental factors have a vocal minority of opponents. Thus, it should be noted that only 9% of respondents said they were “waiting for more evidence”. Although this survey is not technically scientific, this answer seems to be a clear indication that the consideration of the environment has imposed itself in the investment.

As you might expect, nearly half of respondents think the best way to approach environmental issues is to “consider potential risks, costs and opportunities . . . when analyzing investments. Still, around a quarter of respondents believe it is important to intervene earlier, and they support training in business school or other educational programs for those who want to enter the investment profession. Finally, one in six respondents believe that the best approach is for investors to favor investments that have a credible beneficial effect on the environment.

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Jason Voss, CFA

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