Poll: Are investment professionals familiar with impact investing?

Are investment professionals familiar with impact investing? We asked this question in our last survey in the CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief.

Poll: Which of the following statements best describes your knowledge and understanding of impact investing?

A clear majority of the 727 respondents are unaware of impact investing. About 20% are aware of impact investing but vaguely understand it. That leaves us with only about 15% of respondents who think they are aware of impact investing and understand it clearly.

This result is not surprising given that impact investing is a new field. According to the Global Impact Investing Network, “Impact investments are investments made in companies, organizations and funds with the aim of generating measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return”. Beyond traditional sustainable and responsible investing, impact investing is about intending, making and measuring a difference. To learn more about impact investing, check out related content from the CFA Institute, including this short video interview, “An introduction to impact investing“, and this blog post, “Impact Investing: Generating Financial and Social Return.”

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Usman Hayat, CFA

Usman Hayat, CFA, writes about sustainable, responsible and impact investing and Islamic finance. He is the lead author of “Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues in Investing: A Guide for Investment Professionals”; the literature review, “Islamic Finance: Ethics, Concepts, Practices”; and the research report “Sustainable, responsible and impact investing and Islamic finance: similarities and differences”. He is interested in e-learning and has conducted three online courses for the CFA Institute: “ESG-100”, “Islamic Finance Quiz”, and “Residual Income Equity Valuation”. Other topics he writes about are macroeconomics and behavioral finance. He has experience in securities regulation and as an independent consultant. His qualifications include CFA charter, FRM designation, an MBA and a Masters in Development Economics. He was director of content at the CFA Institute. He is a former Executive Director of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and former CEO of the Audit Oversight Board (Pakistan). His personal interests include reading and hiking.