Ongoing water problems disrupt Ramadan preparations in Labuan

LABUAN (April 28): Thousands of water account holders here are again experiencing dry taps for a few days due to the unresolved issue of the main distribution tank pump control switch malfunction by Pulau Enoe.

Interruption of water supply since Wednesday, April 27 affects Muslim community’s Ramadan and Aidilfitri preparations in 24 villages and the city center, as well as commercial catering activities.

The Labuan Water Division said in a statement on Thursday that the water supply would be restored after completion of the repair works and should be gradually delivered to the affected areas over the next two days.

However, the unaffected areas are Kg Sg Miri/Sg Pagar, Universiti Malaysia Sabah Labuan International Campus (UMSKAL), Rancha-Rancha and Patau-Patau.

Housewife Siti Nurain Abu Bakar, 49, said the water break dates back to Wednesday afternoon and she and her family had to rely on the depletion of the water tank supply in their home. home.

“Assistance with water supply cannot be taken directly to the water tank in our house…we have to walk to the water tank provided by the local authority at the roadside.

“The disruption of supply each month for several years, and in particular during this Ramadan, is distressing. This affects our preparations for breaking the fast and we end up buying bottled drinking water for our daily consumption.

“I hope the water supply will be restored as soon as possible because the water in our reservoirs will not last long and may run out today. The situation will be worse when we want to have our meal before dawn tomorrow “, she said.

A kiosk operator at a food court here, Norlela Osman, 36, said she had to temporarily close her business due to water disruptions.

“We are a big family, with my parents and nine siblings and four of my children living in the house. Where do you want us to get water from? We may have to go to my husband’s office to wash and fetch water there for drinking and cooking,” she lamented.