North Carolina HS students get finance education from Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan helped fund a grant that will give nearly half a million students access to financial literacy tools.

Michael Jordan is known for contributing his money to different causes and charities, especially here in North Carolina. The six-time NBA champion and co-owner of the Charlotte Hornets, even ensures the future of young high school students in financial literacy!

According to a press release, Michael Jordan and his Jordan Brand have awarded a grant that will enable nearly half a million high school students to take a course in personal finance. The grant is managed by Next Gen Personal Finance, a non-profit organization, and will fund students in multiple locations.

“We are amazed by the generosity of Michael Jordan and the Jordan brand, which will increase access to this critical course and build financial capability for the next generation,” said the NGPF co-founder. Tim Ranzetta.

Students from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and Guilford County (Greensboro) Schools in North Carolina, as well as New York Public Schools, Philadelphia Financial Scholars, Fulton County Schools in Atlanta, and the Community District from Detroit Public Schools, will receive funding from the Michael Jordan Scholarship. .

“These school systems were chosen not only because of their large number of students,” the statement said. “But also because the percentage of black and Hispanic students ranges from 56 to 95 percent, which adds to the impact of the grant.”

The statement said the funds are supporting a dedicated personal finance specialist, who will work locally to provide curriculum support and professional development to teachers in their district with continued assistance from the NGPF.

“Additionally, the Jordanian grant provides extras such as an expansion of NGPF’s online degree program offerings and the establishment of student investment clubs coordinated by the personal finance specialists in cooperation with teachers.”

“This grant has the opportunity to change the financial trajectory of historically excluded communities through United States,” said Tori Mansfield, NGPF Senior Program Manager, who leads this grant initiative. “Students will graduate understanding how to maintain good credit, invest in the stock market, and prepare financially for life after high school.”