Markets bustling with cultural warmth 5 exclusive photos that envision the soul of Manali

Soul of Manali: Manali is a stunning city nestled in the charming valley of the Beas River, a gift from the Himalayas to the world. It is a rural community with a cold climate and snow-capped mountains that provides relief to those fleeing the sweltering heat of the lowlands. The popular hill station offers different types of environments, such as tranquil retreats, bustling markets, action-packed excursions, and historic temples. reached out to author and travel influencer Ambika Bhardwaj, whose photographs of the dream hill station are exquisite. His photos of the hill station are nothing short of a dream for those who want to see breathtaking mountains covered in snow.Read also – Musicathon in Bir is back: date, place and ticket price for the mountain music festival in Himachal Pradesh

Thanks to its favorable temperature and unique landscapes, this charming mountain resort attracts tourists all year round. (Credits: Ambika Bhardwaj)

Sometimes in life we ​​find ourselves unable to move forward because we are lost in our own thoughts. When this happens, we often don’t know how to escape this dark state. Everyone needs a short break from everyday life. What better break than a quick getaway in the hills? Manali, a charming hill town, has a familiar atmosphere. Travel influencer, Ambika Bhardwaj recalls why Manali feels like home. The undiscovered beauty of the hill station, the unwavering fondness for the area, and the lush green surroundings all bring back memories of childhood. The author of ‘In conversation with light and darknessAmbika Bhardwaj recommends traveling to Manali to elicit many different visions, including exotic views of snow-capped mountains, flower-covered fields and glaciers, as well as Buddhist temples and monasteries. Also Read – Himachal Pradesh Cloudburst Live Updates: 8 more bodies found in Mandi, death toll rises to 15


Manali tourism offers a breathtakingly exotic and spiritually exciting perspective of the Himalayas. (Credits: Ambika Bhardwaj)

Culture and Places of Manali: Visit Manali for Warmth and Connection

Manali has a unique selection of street food which can be enjoyed while visiting the city like any other city in India. One of the most popular cuisines of Himachal is called Siddu, which is mainly enjoyed in Mandi, Kullu, Manali, Rohru and Shimla. It is simply a type of bread made from wheat. Ambika Bhardwaj, another resident of Manali, suggests staying away from commercial places that sell Siddhus. The finest are those prepared at home with lots of ghee and nut filling. Read also – Explore India by bike; Mark These 5 Cycle Routes in India for Most Scenic Adventures

Talking about the locals, Ambika Bhardwaj says she has learned a lot from the locals. The people of Manali lead a distinctive socio-cultural way of life. Their way of life reflects the rich traditions and diverse culture that their predecessors practiced in the past.


Manali is a unique place where the change of seasons defines its stunning performances. (Credit: Ambika Bhardwaj)

Deo Tibba is the place for you if you love outdoor activities and beauty. In the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, the Indian PirPanjal range of the Himalayan mountains includes the mountain known as Deo Tibba. It is a very popular hiking spot for avid hikers due to its altitude of 6,001 meters. Ambika Bhardwaj told that there is something so out of a postcard about Deo Tibba Base Camp that she finds herself wanting to return there often.

Explore the hidden gems of Scenic Hill Station – Manali

The idyllic hamlet of Manali enchants us with its snow-capped mountains, bubbling waterfalls, bustling markets, magnificent heritage and much more. The popularity of the quiet and peaceful hill station has grown thanks to adventure sports. Although virtually every traveler is familiar with Manali, there are other places nearby that are equally charming. Ambika said, “Don’t stop exploring after checking out Mall Road. I mean, Mall Road is as commercial as Manali can ever be. She recommends travelers explore the following places in Manali:

  • Chichoga
  • Shinag
  • Vasisht
  • Raison
  • Dhungri

“Living in the mountains gives you more time at your fingertips. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring. It just means you don’t rush like you used to in cities anymore, which a lot of people don’t like. Most days there is no commotion. Just a sleepy village with lots of furry dogs, chirping birds, green meadows, cozy cabins and the slow pace of time, says Ambika Bhardwaj when asked if life in the hills gets boring after a while.


Manali is the perfect place all year round to revitalize your spirit. (Credit: Ambika Bhardwaj)

Ambika Bhardwaj, who moved to Manali to complete her book, said: “Let me tell you one thing, moving to the mountains is not just a physical move. It’s a lifestyle choice that’s not for everyone. I could never identify with the rush of cities, but I can identify with the slowness here. I don’t feel the need to fill my time with haste or my mind with restlessness. I’m fine with doing nothing. It may seem boring and unproductive to many people, but to me it’s peaceful.

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