Kenyans Obtain Global CFA Charter as Demand for Investment Professionals Rises

The CFA Charter is the world’s most recognized and respected investment management designation / Courtesy of CFA East Africa

NAIROBI, Kenya, November 7 – Growing demand for professionals in the investment industry has fueled the demand for professional designations from the global body for financial analysts – the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA).

According to CFA East Africa President, Patricia Kiwanuka, there has been a strong demand for investment managers and financial analysts from investment firms, mutual funds, insurance companies, investment banks. investment, research analysts, financial advisers and risk managers, among others.

Speaking at this year’s CFA Charterholders Gala in Nairobi, Kiwanuka urged students, especially those from BCOM and BBS Financial Economics and BBS Finance, to pursue CFA exams/courses.

The CFA Charter is the most recognized and respected investment management designation in the world.

“There are many opportunities, both locally and internationally, for anyone with a CFA charter. One can work anywhere in the world as a finance and investment professional, own a private wealth management company or become an investment consultant,” said Kiwanukasid.

CFA has three levels. Levels I and II have ten units. These units are: Ethics, Financial Information and Analysis, Quantitative Methods, Economics, Corporate Finance, Equities, Fixed Income, Alternative Investments, Derivatives and Portfolio Management. Chartered Financial Analysts awarded 48 charters to investment professionals across East Africa this year.

“Achieving the CFA charter means meeting all the requirements for obtaining a charter, including passing all three levels of CFA exams, as this provides a solid foundation of advanced investment analysis and world management skills. real,” Kiwanuka said.