India News | CBN agent, financial analyst, son of army officer among 22 detained in India drug smuggling case

By Ravi Jalhotra

New Delhi [India]Feb 13 (ANI): A Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) agent, a young financial analyst and the son of an army officer were among 22 active union members who were arrested during several raids across the country as a pan-Indian darknet drug trafficking case was busted after a 4-month operation.

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Speaking to ANI on Saturday, Gyaneshwar Singh, Deputy Director General (Northern Region) of NCB, said the defendants have connections in the United States, the Netherlands, Poland, etc.

“A total of 22 active members of the syndicate were arrested in simultaneous raids across India at locations in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Assam, Delhi, NCR, Punjab, Jharkhand , West Bengal, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh with links to source countries including USA, UK, Netherlands, Poland etc,” he said.

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Singh informed that an NCB official, who colluded with the main defendant Jasbir Singh in the destruction of evidence, has also been charged under Section 59A of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985 . The NCB official was arrested and is currently in custody. in custody.

Deputy Managing Director of NCB says Jasbir Singh, one of the kingpins of darknet drug trafficking in West Bengal, is very ambitious and wants to take over the Indian market for ecstasy, LSD and weed .

Another defendant is Shraddha Surana, a young financial analyst working for a multinational. “She fell in love with Jasbir and then got involved in the darknet drug trade. She was handling all the finances in crypto and UPI,” Gyaneshwar Singh said.

Siddharth, son of the senior Indian army officer, and Suvashish Roy, a fashion designer with an entertainment company, were also implicated in the drug trafficking case, the NCB has informed.

Defendant Suvashish Roy allegedly prepared stickers similar to an e-commerce platform to ship the packages containing drugs. A young singer Divyas Bhardewa was also arrested in this case.

Gyaneshwar Singh informed that the main defendant who ruled the whole syndicate from prison is known as LSD King alias Raghunath Kumar. “He is from a poor family and dropped out of college. Raghunath was a victim of child sexual abuse. LSD King was arrested in Karnataka with 570 stains. He is currently housed in Bellary and operating from prison,” added the NCB officer.

Gyaneshwar Singh further disclosed that these members are using darknet, social media, cryptocurrencies, couriers and Indian post for drug trafficking. He also said the traffickers did not know the real names of the others.

He revealed that the NCB had shut down 3 darknet drug markets like “Dark Net Market (DNM)”, an India-based web-based platform to sell/buy drugs, locate suppliers/buyers and assess product quality; ‘DRED’, a dark web page for rating reviews and internal performance evaluation of India based drug traffickers, mainly used by foreign dealers and ‘The Orient Express’, telegram based group with approx. 300 members (consumers/street vendors) and 6 verified sellers (suppliers).

The NCB officer further added that this operation started with a case from Kolkata Zonal Unit of NCB and was later taken over by Delhi Zonal Unit.

“Almost all of the defendants were in their youth between the ages of 20 and 35. They ranged from professionals such as engineers, doctors, financial consultants, businessmen to artists such as musicians, to school dropouts. schools.”

“This operation also revealed the flaw that exists in our system. Syndicates exploited the couriers/India Post for the lack of a robust system and loopholes in the control system to ensure true KYC of the address or coins. Even the worst thing is that these drugs were advertised as restaurant menu in their circles for consumers with attractive offers Escrow offers were offered to gain consumer trust.

Speaking further, Gyaneshwar Singh said, “To date, none of the 22 persons arrested have been released on bail by the court. the nation to use drugs. However, a student was granted a provisional bond to appear for his exams.”

Elaborating on the drug syndicate’s modus operandi, the NCB said the defendants used pseudo names, one-time use crypto wallets, fake IDs, fake business addresses.

“During the operation, the team also found the drugs’ advertisement on Telegram group, Instagram apps and Wickr Me. Even sellers are verified by the owner/co-owner, and escrow agreements are signed between resellers .”

“Several applications were found in the defendant’s mobile phones, such as Wickr Me, Tor browser, Telegram, Instagram, etc. Few phones were customized for darknet use using the custom mobile operating system which would hide the IP address and identity were found in cell phones and these identifiers transmitted medicine packages to customers and accepted payments via PayTM, cryptocurrency, UPI transfer and several other modes,” said said Gyaneshwar Singh.

He said one of the defendants, who is an IT professional, controlled the syndicate’s supply chain and provided technical support for the use of VPN and related applications such as Wickr and its features, including including the use of Telegram, to the accused. (ANI)

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