How financial analyst Albert Voaden is giving back to the island he now calls home

Albert Vauden hadn’t planned to stay in the Cayman Islands longer than 10 years. However, after some time, the Canadian financial analyst decided to make the most of being anchored in paradise. Over the next 18 years, Voaden made a name for himself as a financial analyst. With nearly a decade of experience under his belt in real estate, banking and government agencies, Voaden has been able to develop successful approaches that have led to key decisions regarding financial strategy, acquisitions and investments.

And now he’s helping to give back to the community he calls home.

His career in the Caymans

After working as a financial analyst at DART Enterprises and CIBC Cayman Bank, Albert Voaden took on a new role at the Cayman Islands Center for Business Development in 2021. With a mission to contribute to economic prosperity by developing small businesses, the center has played a crucial role throughout the pandemic. To enable these small businesses to survive and thrive in their local communities, the center offers counseling and training, as well as a variety of expert-led workshops to provide support and guidance.

In his role as a financial analyst, Albert Voaden has been instrumental in assisting businesses that have been impacted during a period of border closures. Its role is to assess the plans of local businesses to adapt to new economic opportunities and to help determine the ultimate viability of their strategic proposals.

During the pandemic, the Center for Business Development has also launched a new initiative to help revive the tourism industry in preparation for the reopening of the border. In an effort to keep businesses afloat, they created a grant program to help support boat charters and tour operators. Through his role at the center, Albert Voaden has ensured access to much-needed financing for business owners in these industries. Additionally, during the year, he also acted as a mentor and guide for select businesses, helping with small business training and providing tools to build business resilience.

One small business where Voaden has been able to have a particular impact is Peacemaker Charters.

Albert Voaden and Peacemaker Charters

Based at Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, Peacemaker Charters has been operating a beloved deep sea fishing guide and water sports charter service for over 27 years. However, when the pandemic hit, tourism quickly dried up on the Big Island. Peacemaker Charters was one of many companies that approached the Center for Business Development and Albert Voaden for help.

Voaden’s main projects with the Center have been to work directly with companies to help provide advice on innovations and financial support to those facing challenges. Although he has worked with many local businesses over the past year, he was particularly struck by the dedication and passion Peacemaker owner Randy Parchment has shown for his business and his livelihood. Voaden felt the need to go above and beyond for Parchment and generously donated $3,600 to help complete the funding needed for Peacemaker to reopen their business.

On why he decided to put his own money into Peacemaker Charters, Voaden explained: “Randy has a long family history of chartering boats in the Cayman Islands. I was happy to help complete the funding to prepare this business for the return of tourism to Caymans”.

Albert hopes to continue helping small businesses like Peacemaker Charters in the new year. It has given him great satisfaction to help small businesses find their place in the midst of a difficult start to 2021.

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