Guillermo Albizuri, General Manager – Travel, Finance, Education and Startups of Google Spain

Guillermo Albizuri describes himself as “a digital optimist, tech enthusiast, data geek, overachiever, idealist, entrepreneur and challenger of the status quo” – all qualities that fueled his 13 years at Google designing major campaigns that helped transform the fortunes of hundreds of clients.

After four years at the company’s European headquarters in Dublin, he returned to his native Madrid in 2016 to lead the digital performance business before being named Managing Director three years later, heading the Travel, Finance and Finance divisions. , Education and Startups.

“If you think about the size of our business today compared to when I joined in 2009, it’s probably more than 10 times bigger,” he said. CEO magazine. “And that poses a lot of challenges in terms of scale and how to continue to provide the best service to our customers. It taught me a lot about using technology to scale successfully. ‘automating.

He joined Google just a year after the global financial crisis, when many of his early customers were struggling to stay afloat and were desperate to find new sources of income.


If you think about the size of our company today compared to when I arrived in 2009, it’s probably more than 10 times bigger. And that poses many challenges in terms of scale and how to continue to provide the best service to our customers.

“I remember one of the great initiatives I led, which was called Export, which allowed clients to successfully expand beyond their home market,” Guillermo recalls. “They were trying to find new pockets of growth, so we put a lot of effort into giving them the tools to successfully open foreign markets for their products or services.”

Google has used its international knowledge to provide information, equip them with translation software or localize their products.

“We could also connect them with experts in their industries who could find solutions to specific obstacles. It was very successful and some of them became global companies.

Meaningful Customer Connections

During that time, he helped a host of small businesses benefit from the many functions of the search engine giant, leading the strategic operations and customer insights teams before being named head of global project management, leading teams in the United States, Europe and Asia from his office in the Irish capital.

By far, his biggest change came when he was appointed Director Southern Europe – Large Advertiser Sales in 2012. His location hadn’t changed, but his role had changed a lot. “I went from managing a large number of small business clients to managing a smaller number of large accounts.”

The team he led was account management and performance for large corporations. While there, he led operations in Spain, Turkey, Portugal, the Middle East and North Africa, and France.

His work has contributed to the extraordinary growth of Google, as increasingly sophisticated audience data tools and its growing dominance in the search market have driven up its share of global advertising revenue.

But, despite the considerable success, Guillermo had a nagging feeling that something had to change. He found himself returning to the job he had just before Google.

“One thing I really missed was having close contact with clients, which is very important to me. I worked for McKinsey & Co in New York for seven years and we practically lived in our clients’ offices It worked really well because we were able to immerse ourselves in their culture, so we fully understood how they worked and how we could help them,” says Guillermo.

“I wanted to return to a role where I could build deep and meaningful relationships with clients. I could also see that my learning curve was flattening.


You know, the big difference is that when you’re a consultant, you get rewarded for just consulting and making a recommendation. You don’t then see what happens next or how effective you were.

So the opportunity to do just that – as well as return to Madrid after a decade away – was too good to pass up. “Suddenly I could meet clients, pass them on the street, get to really know them. That’s what attracted me to my current role,” says Guillermo.

In fact, there were plenty of ways it was more rewarding than his jobs in the Big Apple.

“You know, the big difference is that when you’re a consultant, you’re rewarded for just consulting and making a recommendation. You don’t then see what happens next or how effective you were. In my current role, referral is only the first step. Once we do that, we embark on quite a journey together,” he says.

“There are companies that we have been able to transform by giving them the incredible benefits of the digital world and what Google has to offer. It can be amazing to witness.

Succeed together

Guillermo’s current clients are headquartered in Spain, but generally have an international clientele. “I manage the travel sector, that is airlines, hotel chains, online travel agencies, where the majority of the activity is outside of Spain. So I don’t see us as the Spanish team, we are global,” he says.


be ready

“There are so many digital transformations going on, and our role is to help clients with our consulting products that can speed up the process, so they’re ready to embrace their new world sooner,” says Guillermo.

“One of the things we’ve learned over the past two years is that long-term planning can be difficult when there’s so much uncertainty. But what you can do is prepare yourself to be more nimble and flexible, so you can act quickly when you need to.

He spends his time connecting with senior executives and CEOs to form partnerships where business goals are jointly defined.

“I tell my teams that we are like assistant CMOs and CCOs for the companies we help, so we have to put ourselves in their shoes to come up with the best strategies,” he says.

“A long-term partnership makes a lot of sense because, if they are satisfied, they will continue to trust us. After all, their success is our success.

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