Financial analyst says Arsenal’s deal with Rwanda isn’t bad

Arsenal have been heavily criticized after securing a sponsorship deal with the Rwandan government.

The Gunners have maintained that relationship despite criticism and financial analyst Kieran Maguire says they have been vindicated by the UK government’s latest deal with the African country.

The Boris Johnson-led government will send people to seek refuge in Rwanda under a new partnership.

Maguire believes this now proves Arsenal did nothing wrong in agreeing a deal with Rwanda.

He told Football Insider: “Rwanda is a favored country as far as the British government is concerned.

“If it’s an acceptable business partner and an acceptable partner to take those seeking shelter and transport them thousands of miles, I don’t see why Arsenal themselves should be criticized.

“Or at least they shouldn’t be criticized any more than they were before for taking sponsorship from a country where there is little wealth to begin with.”

Just the opinion of Arsenal

Congratulations to the club’s decision-makers who did not give in to pressure from some of their supporters.

They must have researched the nation very well before agreeing to partner with them and they will not hesitate to cancel the deal if Rwanda becomes bad publicity for them.

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