Financial analyst reveals why Arsenal are investing heavily in protecting their data

Kieran Maguire has revealed that a simple data leak would be too much for Arsenal to bear and that’s why they are investing heavily in data protection.

The Gunners have just renewed their cyber protection partnership with Acronis.

The company is one of the best in terms of data protection and is sponsored by other Premier League clubs.

Arsenal is one of them and the Gunners have long enjoyed uninterrupted data protection.

Not everyone understands how important this partnership is and Maguire explains to Football Insider:

“There is also the data relating to the fans who have accessed the application. This has value and must also be protected by the rules of the GDPR.

“Then there are internal stuff. The work done by the talent and recruitment department is worth a fortune. It’s the list of their targets, who they think are undervalued, etc.

“If this were leaked to other clubs, Arsenal would lose. They need the highest class of security to keep the club safe.

Just the opinion of Arsenal

At the highest level of the game, so much data is used to make decisions by different clubs.

Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in the world and they constantly make decisions based on data.

Some of them are the club’s best secrets and they can’t come out in the open.

This is why these types of partnerships are very important.

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