Financial analyst firm ranks North Carolina’s economy among the best in the United States

RALEIGH, NC (WITN) – Moody’s, an international financial research firm, said North Carolina’s economy is one of the best in the country, thanks to the state’s entrepreneurs.

According to Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, the first two quarters of 2022 totaled about 93,000 new businesses, making them the second and third highest on record. This contrasts sharply with the 52,000 new businesses that started in the first half of 2020 at the start of the pandemic. This is a growth of nearly 80% in two years.

“While we have seen a slight moderation from the breakneck pace we set last year, entrepreneurs over the past 18 months have continued to build new businesses at a breakneck pace. That’s tens of thousands of dreams coming true every month and jobs in their communities,” Marshall said.

Marshall adds that the state’s business climate has also been ranked highly recently, with CNBC and others ranking it the best in the country.

Resources for Innovators, Start-Ups, & Entrepreneurs (RISE) was launched by Marshall to connect new businesses to local, state, and national resources that offer free business planning advice, low-cost loans, and help identify markets and develop marketing plans.

WITN learns that more than 1.7 million new businesses were created under Marshall’s administration.

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