Financial analyst explains how Arsenal will benefit from their latest sponsorship deal

Kieran Maguire has revealed more about how Arsenal stand to gain from their recent deal with Extramarks.

The club announced earlier this month that the education body would be its final partner.

This partnership is expected to extend the reach of the club to more countries, which is important to maintain the popularity of the brand.

It could also bring us even more offers and a nice amount of money.

But that’s not the only benefit we would get, and financial analyst Maguire explains more in an interview with Football Insider.

He said: “Because Arsenal haven’t won things and gotten huge exposure that way, finding other ways to access a younger market is essential.

“That way you can start customizing pre-season tours and directing other sponsorship deals to those markets makes sense.

“So yeah, a great deal and one that will have synergies with the rest of their business arm.”

Just the opinion of Arsenal

As we work hard behind the scenes to become a top club again, it is important that we also succeed off the pitch.

Agreements with multinationals and others in areas where we don’t have much success will help us gain popularity.

As Maguire pointed out, we have to be there somehow before the latest generation of fans can follow us, because we don’t compete in top level competitions like the Champions League.

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