Financial analyst discusses Arsenal’s financial troubles over recent seasons

Financial analyst Kieran Maguire has discussed Arsenal’s financial struggles over the past few years as fans compare Stan Kroenke’s investment in the club to the LA Rams he also owns.

The Rams have benefited from significant investments and have just repaid those expenses by winning the Super Bowl.

However, Arsenal haven’t made the top four since 2017 and haven’t competed for major trophies.

Mikel Arteta’s side haven’t been among the best spenders in the English top flight either.

Fans now want Kroenke to spend as much as he spends on the Rams, but financial expert Maguire says the Gunners haven’t made enough money to persuade him to spend much on them.

He told Football Insider: “Over the past eight years, Arsenal have made an operating loss of £63m. They’ve managed to offset some of that with player sales, but still…

“If you can’t generate profit in your day-to-day operations, that’s worrying.

“It shows the importance of participating in the Champions League, which would have a huge impact on those numbers.”

Just the opinion of Arsenal

Kroenke is a businessman and he has a lot of interests. He would focus on making money with his various passions, and the one that earns him the most money will get the most attention.

There is money in owning a club like Arsenal, but Kroenke won’t want to spend more than he earns from his investment in Arsenal.

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