Exotic dates flood Sangam town markets as Ramzan begins

ALLAHABAD: The beginning of the holy month of Ramzan has again ushered in the time to savor a wide range of tasty and healthy dates or khajoor. Desert fruits from around the world are now available in Sangam Town.

There is no doubt that Muslims break their one-day fast with the holy dates, but they are also a favorite of many Hindu families, given their health benefits. During the holy month, fancy shops or roadside vendor kiosks all sell a wide variety of dates from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Yemen and Kenya and even Iran and Iraq. .

According to vendors, more than two dozen popular varieties of dates are available in the markets. From 90 per kg, many exotic varieties of dates are sold for up to 1800 per kilo.

“We have different types of khajoor in the market today. They come from all over the world, including African and Gulf countries. The main varieties are Safwi, Ajwa, Kupkup, Mariyam, Bukkar and Manufi. The cheapest is available at 90 per kg while Ajwa dates, considered the best and most expensive in the Indian market, can cost up to 1200 to 1900 per kg depending on quality, country of origin and packaging,” said Mohd Bashir, a trader selling dates in Chowk market.

Dates from Kenya are sold for 170 per kg while some varieties from Saudi Arabia are available from 800 to 950 per kilo.

Another trader in the same market, Shoaib, said the date trade is booming and sales are increasing by 10% to 15% on average every year, despite rising costs. “The Covid-19 outbreak impacted the market in 2020 and 2021, but this year the demand is good,” he said.

“On average, a family consumes about 4-5 kg ​​of dates during the holy month, as it is a ritual to break the daylong fast with ‘khajoor’ and then follow it with other delicacies in the evening. at iftaar time. These days, there is a practice of exchanging date gifts between friends and families. Thus, different varieties of dates are available even in wooden bowls, jars and gift boxes and sales peak during Ramzan,” he added.

Jaffar, another date trader, informed that dates were also popular among many Hindu families who consumed them for health benefits as well as as gifts for their Muslim friends. “The demand is such that one can now buy dates of many varieties and at prices throughout the year,” he added.

Explaining the importance of breaking the fast with dates during Ramzan, Khankah Haleemia Sajjada Nashin Syed Shamim Ahmad Gauhar said that Muslims consider it auspicious to break the daytime fast during Ramzan with dates because the Prophet Muhammad used to break his fast with it and he even planted date palms. .


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