Damien Nguyen joins Car Wash Advisory as a financial analyst

NEW YORK, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Car Wash Advisory is delighted to announce a new member of its team – Damien Nguyenwho will join us as a financial analyst.

After having Eric Harrisson join as CFO, Damien Nguyen follows with a wealth of expertise and knowledge – ranging from accounting and finance to marketing and data analytics.

His experience is a considerable asset to the Car Wash Advisory team. His expertise and strong entrepreneurial spirit will guide clients in making the right decisions when seeking more insight into car wash transactions with a team of equipped investment advisors.

About Damien Nguyen

Since childhood, Damien has always been very ambitious and eager to achieve his goals. Damien is the youngest of seven siblings, but he is also the first in his family to graduate in four years, a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University University of San Diego. Additionally, he holds an AA in Business Administration, where he graduated with honors and a 3.8 GPA while also serving in student government.

Damien Nguyen is a major asset to the Car Wash Advisory team as he brings years of expertise from various locations. Her previous experience stems from her work for non-profit and community organizations. While working there, he was a senior analyst who tracked, collated and analyzed performance data relating to pantry facilities in the San Diego region during the COVID-19 pandemic. His work ethic clearly goes beyond being a first-generation college graduate, as he strives to use his skills to help the community while achieving incredible accomplishments throughout his career as a financial analyst.

The Car Wash Advisory team has a huge advantage in having Damien as a financial analyst with his strong work experience. Whether a client is just starting to learn how to buy a car wash, needs reliable investment advisors to work with and sound advice, or wants to complete a car wash transaction, Damien’s expertise helps the team and Car Wash Advisory customers.

About Car Wash Notice

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