Clean Vision Corp delivers on its commitment to cleaner seas

VSlean Vision expands its pyrolysis market

It’s only a matter of weeks since Clean Vision (OTC: CLNV) established its pyrolysis pilot project in India to convert collected plastics into renewable forms of energy. Meanwhile, Clean Vision’s subsidiary, Clean-Seas, has agreed with Arinma Holdings, one of the largest infrastructure providers in Sri Lanka, to launch a PCN hub in the region. CEO Dan Bates spoke about expanding the work of Clean-Seas to other regions as the company continues to fight global climate change and reduce plastic debris in our oceans.

Earlier this week, Bates and Clean-Seas signed a powerful new ally in its fight against climate change. Morocco, a North African country, is a world leader in the fight against climate change and has been named by the Climate Change Performance Index (CCCI) as the fifth most active country in the world. Clean-Seas is delighted to announce that it has signed Morocco as a new member of its pyrolysis portfolio.

Under the terms of the agreement, Clean-Seas will purchase and integrate two 10 ton per day (TPD) pyrolysis units for immediate use. It will also lay the foundation for scaling operations to a staggering 350 TPD capacity. This move allows Clean-Seas access to the African continent and positions them to potentially win further partnerships across the Mediterranean Sea in the European Union.

Clean Vision enters Latin America

If the new partnership with Morocco wasn’t enough, Clean-Seas made another announcement this week, it has agreed to form a joint venture with the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, where it will establish another Clean-Seas patent-pending plastics center. -Seas. Conversion networks.

The venture is the first for Clean-Seas in Latin America and marks another major win for the company in the space of a month. It is estimated that the Puerto Rico plant will be able to process up to 500 tons per day, which will generate annual revenues of approximately $70 million. The plant is expected to begin operations in Puerto Rico by the fourth quarter of 2023.

Clean Vision CEO Dan Bates expressed his support for Puerto Rico and its surrounding communities due to the disruptions it has experienced in its energy resources following recent hurricanes. Bates and the team are motivated to have this plant operational within a year of starting work.

Is CLNV a good investment?

CLNV as a stock has had a good year so far, gaining nearly 90% of its value in the first three months. There is no doubt that the recent catalysts and initial expansion in India was a major reason for the growth. The stock is still some way off its 52-week high of $0.19, and while past performance is never indicative of future results, Clean Seas’ recent progress is certainly promising for shareholders.

It was an amazing month for clean view, and investors should not expect this rate of growth to continue. The signing of four major contracts for its pyrolysis project is exceptional and investors should be encouraged, but also have realistic expectations. Clean Vision is just getting started. As the world continues to move towards a carbon-neutral future with renewable energy and reduced use of plastics, the company should continue to see strong growth in a market ripe for the taking.

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