Bolton investment banker earns Chartered Financial Analyst status

A 23-year-old investment banker has been awarded the status of world leader in his field.

Daanish Hussain of Farnworth, just 23, received an award and senior management status while working at a leading multinational investment bank and studying for an MBA at International Business and Edinburgh Business School.

With nearly five years of experience in the investment banking industry, the new status of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) means Daanish will be open to senior roles within global investment banks, as well as large accounting firms.

He said: “It is an honor to officially become a CFA Chartered Analyst after eight months of grueling learning, reviewing and forecasting.

“I now understand why CFA holders are the top 1000 professionals in international finance and why the CFA is one of the most respected charters in the world because of the rigor, the quality of education but above all the the intellect required to succeed.”

The CFA program is one of the most respected and recognized investment management credentials in the world.

Growing up in Bolton provided a great foundation for Daanish as he relied on resilience, overcoming adversity but more importantly had to experience environmental changes in order to work for bulge names.

He said: “In many ways I think growing up in Bolton instilled in me a lot of patience, discipline and drive because of the ambition to want to do more, but to be located in an area where I could not be exposed to international companies.

“I think that’s what gave me an edge over some of my colleagues at Oxford, Chelsea, Westminster and Knightsbridge.”

Daanish earned CFA leader status through business school by attending and completing lectures, exams, and underwriting new credentials and equity.

He drew inspiration from his encounters and built relationships with key stakeholders from major international corporations such as JP Morgan and Chase, and the Bank of England.