BeanVIVO Organics – Financial Analyst and Head of Growth – Beverage Industry Job Listing

This financial analyst and growth manager is responsible for the administration and systematization of revenue projects throughout our company. These include, but are not limited to, sales budgeting, business expenses, new product launches, administration, or a combination thereof. Work closely with the management team, finance and commercial departments.

Role and responsibilities

  • Financial analysis: administration of the main financial drivers in daily operations and analysis of weekly data for better decision-making.
  • Financial Reporting: Develop KPIs and other metrics to assess the financial health of monthly and quarterly results.
  • Budgeting: reviews of sales forecasts (actual budgets VS) and coordination with the CEO.
  • Sales Engineering: Coordinate with sales team on retail promotions and update SmartSheets. Analyze deduction reports and business expenses. Implement new processes and systems as necessary.
  • Commercial relations: management of selected distributors, brokers, sales channels and new prospect databases.
  • Customer Support: Onboarding new accounts and establishing processes and documents to set up new business accounts in our pipeline. Establish credit terms with our accounting team.
  • New Products: Deployment plans and budgets for new items across all sales channels.
  • Exports: Support efforts related to international markets and the processes necessary to prepare our products for export, finances, etc.
  • Team Building: Project coordination and strategic planning with team members, to produce a high-performance collaborative and creative environment.
  • Communication: Establish systems and channels to communicate updates and maintain proactive communication with the rest of the team.

Experience and personality:

• Tech-savvy, with in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Suite.

• Previous experience in the CPG food industry is a plus. Passionate about healthy foods.

• Hard working atmosphere. Not afraid to wear different hats in company.

• Excellent positive attitude and proactive mindset. Good listener, no micromanagement needed.

• English as the main language. Great communication skills. (Proficiency in Spanish is also a plus).

• Ability to travel as required.

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